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Today, the Big Tech oligarchs censor what you can see while biased media outlets peddle false narratives in support of self-interested politicians who care more about pushing their own agenda than improving and saving peoples’ lives.


Add to the mix a cadre of incompetent public health officials who routinely ignore their own research and fail to address the impacts of public health threats like COVID-19.


Then finish with Big Pharma executives who bounce back and forth from the FDA to their companies and pick winners and losers based on the bottom line, not health and wellness.


It is time to take a stand. 

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Our Misson

The Zelenko Freedom Foundation is organized exclusively to provide funding to social entities and social activities surrounding education, leadership development, health literacy, advocacy, public policy, social, health and community development. These activities will include, but are not limited to, events, workshops, grants, research funding and limited scholarships.

“All of us enjoy a limited amount of time on this planet,” continued Zelenko. “I have been blessed by God to extend my life – in spite of a terminal cancer diagnosis – for years. I know my time is limited, which is why I am creating the Zelenko Freedom Foundation and instructing my company – Z-Labs – to donate 10% of all proceeds to support the critical work of this foundation.”

- Vladamir Zelenko


The Zelenko Freedom Foundation has 4 key goals:


Find the next generation of biomedical technology that Big Pharma ignores in their quest for profit over your health.


Educate the public about how to protect their health and fight for their rights as patients and consumers.


Share valuable information with the world that is often being suppressed by Silicon Valley oligarchs, corrupt corporate interests and incompetent government officials.


Ensure that 10% of the revenue of Zeleneko Labs, the company started by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko will support Foundation initiatives.

The purpose of the Zelenko Freedom Foundation is to find the next brave generation of medical professionals committed to keeping their patients safe without doing the bidding of big pharma”.  Over the coming weeks, we will further define the vision of our organization, which is dedicated to the principles and advocacy of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko.


 We ask that you support in this endeavor.


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Did you know that the American Hospital Association (AHA) has a Patient’s Bill of Rights? This document was first adopted by the AHA in 1973 and revised in October 1992. Patient’s rights were developed with the expectation that hospitals and health care institutions would support these rights in the interest of delivering effective patient care. The AHA encourages institutions to translate and/or simplify the bill of rights to meet the needs of their specific patient populations and to make patient rights and responsibilities understandable to patients and their families. 


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